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FormPlus® 5 | Intelligent Smartwatch

FormPlus® 5 | Intelligent Smartwatch

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The Form Plus® multiple pulse oximetry sensors were developed by MICRON Opto Semiconductor (Regensburg) specifically for wearable use: they measure and monitor pulse , blood pressure and blood oxygen with high precision.
The built-in SGK comes from VANCOUVER Instruments in CANADA and can analyze the diagram for 10 different heart diseases . The watch also monitors lung activity (MICRON), body temperature (including fever alarm) and of course records steps , sleep and exercise . If desired, the data can be made available to up to 3 trusted people (relatives, carers, etc.) via the integrated online care function .
✅ German sensors
✅ over 10 days battery life
✅ Care function in the app


The MICRON DRF3402 sensors analyze the blood flow in the top 5 mm of your skin with impressive precision, using 549 and 760 nanometer light wavelengths and 850 nm infrared, completely, non-invasively and without pressure - this is where the FormPlus® 5 differs significantly from its competitors, who can usually only measure the pulse with one light wavelength (green to the human eye) and estimate the remaining values.

The built-in MICRON technology , on the other hand, measures the blood oxygen level so precisely that it can even detect the breathing rate .
Thanks to the configurable interval, the values ​​are automatically recorded throughout the day and can also be viewed as a trend chart directly on the watch.

Health measurements
✅ ECG including photoplethysmography
✅ Heart rate
✅ Blood pressure
✅ Blood oxygen
✅ Respiratory rate
✅ Sleep quality


The built-in ECG "Ti129" from VANCOUVER Instruments (CANADA) has 3 SKG sensors and one 24-bit data bus for finest recording and works with a pacemaker-compatible safe performance of only 350 µW.

The ECG diagram is processed using the Vancouver Instruments AFE4404 health data processor and examined using artificial intelligence for signs of 10 typical abnormalities - the optimal preparation for the next consultation with your cardiologist!

Detectable diseases:
✅ Atrial fibrillation

✅ Chamber flutter
Atrial premature beats
Ventricular extrasystole
Ventricular escape
Premature ventricular contraction
Chamber escape
Left bundle branch block
Right bundle branch block
Atrial escape rhythm


Poor sleep can be the cause of many health problems. To improve your To determine sleep quality , the FormPlus® 5 monitors your sleep cycles.

It distinguishes between Light and deep sleep phases . The Sleep duration and yours Sleep interruptions are also recorded and flow into your Sleep quality assessment with a.


The FormPlus® 5 also has a Sensylink sensor for automatic monitoring of blood pressure . The diagram of the day's progress can be called up on the watch and, if desired, the watch can also sound an alarm when a configurable threshold is reached (fever), just as it can do when a pulse threshold is exceeded .

The watch is not only suitable for self-care, but is also the ideal gift for your loved ones : the online care function allows wearers to make the data available to up to three trusted people (relatives, caregivers, etc.). This way, you always have reassuring certainty, even if you cannot be nearby.

Also included is a 3-axis motion sensor from Sensortek for recording steps , sleep and sport . Of course, the FormPlus® 5 also has typical smartwatch functionality such as receiving messages (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, ...), informing you about incoming calls and much more!


The watch is available in 4 different versions with soft, elastic TPU strap , and comfortable Synthetic leather strap can be purchased.

The service is very easy and is done via Swipe gestures like on a smartphone . The compact, optimal unisex design with 43 mm diameter is the only 14 mm thin watch for Ladies How Men's The bracelets from the factory also fit strong wrists up to 28cm .

The delivery includes a Fast charging cable that fully charges the watch in 2 hours and then a Battery life of 7 to 10 days enabled.


Health watch with multiple pulse oximetry from MICRON from Germany ( pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen ), ECG from VANCOUVER Instruments (including PPG, AI analysis for 10 heart diseases), 3-axis sensor ( steps, sleep, sport ) , lung activity , vital alarms and online care function.

Battery life 7 - 14 days , 3.7V/740mWh lithium battery, charging via included quick charging cable (approx. 1.5 hours)

Dimensions : 43 mm diameter (round version) or 44 x 36 mm (square version), 10.6 mm thin; suitable for wrists with a circumference of 12-25 cm, compatible with standard 20 mm watch straps.

Watch, app and instructions in German (app for all Android devices with Android 6.0 or higher or iOS devices with iOS 9.0 or higher).

 Scope of delivery : watch, strap in desired color/material, printed quick start guide, quick charging cable, lifetime license for German app

Additional functions (excerpt): Daily diagrams for pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, message reception (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, ...), call information, music control, selfie remote shutter release, stopwatch, alarm clock.

Satisfaction guarantee : You can test this product for 14 days without obligation, and if you have any questions, our excellent customer service will be happy to help you. You also benefit from a 12-month manufacturer's guarantee on all watches.

However, we would like to point out that the values ​​obtained should only be considered as reference values ​​and should never replace a visit to your family doctor or cardiologist. Speak to your cardiologist, who can work with you to create a suitable preventive or treatment plan. By correctly operating the medical devices available in the clinic, it is also possible to obtain more detailed information about your state of health.

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